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Vinyl Floor Restoration

Vinyl floors are designed to be extremely durable and strongly recommended for high traffic areas. However, they require proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and durability. McEwans Services can perform floor buffing, scrubbing, stripping and re-sealing to restore the look of your vinyl floors and make them appear as good as new. Over time, vinyl floors lose their shine due to build up dirt and grime. Abrasion due to heels under footwear or rollers under chairs cause scratches and fine cuts on the sealed layers of your vinyl floors. These scratches and cuts act as cavities, attracting fine dirt particles to settle between them. High speed buffing can normally remove fine scratches and built up dirt so that floors return to a sparking shine.

However, if your vinyl floors are old, badly scratched and discoloured, we can strip old sealers and reseal your vinyl floors with a high quality gloss finish to restore the look of your vinyl floors. This will also extend the wear of your floors, reduce marks and scratches so as to guard against dirt penetration and abrasion.

The polish is the uppermost layer of your vinyl flooring that prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating and staining the floor. It should be reapplied regularly. This involves stripping the previous polish using manufacturer’s approved products and applying a new layer. In most cases dry buffing to achieve maximum shine, surface gloss and durability. While the latter technique is not always necessary, it’s the only option when it comes to dealing with permanent stain, burns and deep scratches. Finally, a freshly stripped floor requires between 3-5 layers of polish for acceptable gloss and surface protection.

Polishing of vinyl floors is relatively unsophisticated. Without polishing, vinyl floors appear dull and matted and become progressively susceptible to getting dirty, stained and damaged. Some of the advantages of proper polishing is the floor surface becomes shiny and protected against wear and tear and stains. A proper maintenance routine typically includes stripping and re-polishing at least once or twice per year, especially in areas with high foot traffic.

You will know it’s time to have you floors polished once they start looking dull and matted even after proper cleaning – So give us a call today!