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Mould Removal

Commercial and Domestic Mould Removal in Mackay

An infestation of mould is a sneaky problem to have in your property — you may not even notice the mould growth until it has permeated a large part of the structure.

Mould can cause many health problems, especially for individuals who already have allergies or sensitivities to mould. Generally, mould causes respiratory issues and can aggravate existing problems such as asthma.

Mould grows incredibly fast and can be dangerous if handled improperly, which is why you should hire professionals such as McEwans Services for mould removal in Mackay.

The Process

Mould removal is complicated because mould is such a pervasive fungus. It embeds itself in building materials and sends microscopic spores through the air to create new colonies. When a company removes mould, the process takes several steps.

First, professionals must don protective equipment to keep from coming in contact with the mould or breathing in the spores. Then, they must set up a vacuum system to contain and capture mould spores that are released when the mould is disturbed.

After the mould has been removed, every contaminated surface must be treated with a mould-killing solution to prevent any remaining spores from gaining a foothold.

Mould must be carefully disposed of after removal. The mould must be completely contained so it does not spread to other locations as it is removed from your property.

After mould removal, make sure to reduce humidity on your property and keep it ventilated so that mould doesn’t repopulate the area. Sunlight is also a great way to banish mould, so open windows whenever possible.

The Pros

At McEwans Services, we offer thorough cleaning services for homes and businesses, including mould removal. No job is too big or too small, and we provide caring, friendly service for every job we complete.

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