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High Pressure Cleaning

Experienced, Reliable High Pressure Cleaners for Mackay Property Owners

Say goodbye to your dirty, stained or mouldy driveway or building façade. Over time, exposure to the elements gives your building an unsightly patina of dirt and muck. When your properties need a clean-up, McEwans high pressure cleaning for businesses and homes is just what you need.

What can you do for my property?

When their once-inviting property is starting to look dim, many business and home owners call the painters and paving companies. Painting and re-paving can be a costly hassle. The process disrupts your business for days on end, and the annual bills are a harsh blow to profits.

Annual pressure cleaning for your business is cheaper and less wasteful. In far less time and for much less money, a crew of McEwans specialists can blast away the dirt and instantly refresh your building from the entrance to the car park. Brick, asphalt, gutters and more can be polished up in no time. A visit from our pressure cleaners will instantly transform your driveway, storefront, office building or industrial complex from tarnished to tidy.

This process can do much more than cosmetic enhancement. Regular cleaning can also reduce the cost of exterior upkeep and prolong the life of building fixtures. It also helps prevent the growth of mould and algae.

High pressure cleaning is an essential part of any building and home maintenance program.

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