About Us



McEwans Services provides comprehensive and highly professional, “value for money” commercial cleaning services in Mackay and Whitsunday regions.

With McEwans as your preferred commercial cleaning service provider, you will enjoy peace of mind and be in the reliable hands of someone who cleans with so much care and passion that it shows.

To make all this happen and meet your needs, we employ:

· Proactive, caring managers to uphold our exacting quality standards,
· Quality staff, thoroughly trained in the use of all our up-to-date equipment, and
· Professional maintenance cleaning programs for each of our clients’ properties



Choosing the right service provider can really help your business deliver better results.

McEwans has brought about a new spirit of competition to our Industry.


To keep our clients happy, we must be flexible and efficient.

We’re always looking for new client needs and opportunities.


We don’t spend a hugh amount on promoting our services instead,

We focus on delivering maximum service quality, at a price that sells its self.